The Sweet End of Summer

Much gratitude to all of you who read and commented on my slightly ranty post about depression. Your support and understanding are truly appreciated.

It’s a bright day here, and a hot one too, the heat a paradoxical reminder that autumn and school are both right around the corner. But before we let ourselves be swept up in all that, here are a few ways to prolong the sweet end of summer…


Walk on a beach with those you love…Along the Lakeshore in Toronto if you must. Or by the Canal in Ottawa. But preferably at Keppoch, or Brackley Beach on PEI. Preferably with the best parents in the world (my folks). Listen to the wind. See the white waves crashing along the shore. Feel the wet sand solid beneath your feet. Get lost in the peace of the horizon. While on PEI, don’t forget to eat Lobster, visit Green Gables, and make a pilgrimage to The Dunes, a quirky and beautiful pottery workshop, gallery and Buddhist garden near Covehead Harbour.


Stock up on fresh, seasonal fruits and veggies. It’s raspberry, blueberry, and peach season. How awesome is that? Now, my feelings about peaches are similar to J.Alfred Prufrock’s….do I dare eat them in public? But peaches, with their sunset skins and runny sweetness, are one of the great, fleeting pleasures of life. They’re really only good about two weeks per year. So indulge…Slice one up and dollop it with Greek yoghurt and a spoonful of homemade granola…Or make Meghan Telpner’s Raw Peach Cream Pie. Et voilà, le déjeuner est servi !

IMG_0114Gear Up for Fall…Ok, so we’re not all scrubbing shelves, sorting books and setting up classrooms this time of year. (That’s the French book shelf in my Grade 6 FI classroom, and yes,  that is the LAST time this school year that it will be that neat. That’s good though, because when the bookshelf’s chaotic, it means the kids are reading. In French. SCORE!) But we can all revel in the fresh-start energy of September by taking a new class. Starting a new fitness regime. Setting small goals for ourselves. For example, two of my non-yoga, non-work goals this fall are to blog more often and to try two new recipes per week.

Lastly, I sometimes I think it’s ok to wallow in a warm bath of nostalgia. This was, in many ways, a brutal summer for me. It included endings, an important decision, a rigorous yoga training. It challenged me a lot. So perhaps I can be forgiven for wanting to harken back to a simpler time? A time of tapered jeans and big hair. A time of fluorescent colors and slap-on bracelets. A time when I was IN grade 6, not teaching it. 1989, to be precise. So here my friends is my secret (*covers face with hands and hangs head in shame*): I was a Roch Voisine fan. I will leave you with the earstwhile Acadian hunk singing Hélène, a song about a summer fling. I believe in 1989 we “studied” it with our new music teacher, a young man with curly hair who played guitar just like Roch. And when you’re in grade 6, these are the things that swoons are made of. Don’t judge. Just listen 😉